Smart contract development & management. Tokenomics. Blockchain platform development.


Legal compliance. Whitepaper. Audit. Global law practices. Drafting or review of legal documents.

Digital design

Web design & development. Branding. Promotional design. Social media design.

Marketing & PR

PR distribution. Marketing strategy development & implementation. Copy-writing. Advertising

We are a team of highly experienced digital designers, blockchain technology specialists, marketing specialists, legal and financial advisors.

Who are we

Colibris is a creative studio that provides technology, legal, web development & digital design, marketing & PR services for blockchain based companies. We are a team of 10 highly experienced legal, blockchain technology, branding and marketing experts. Our sole goal for our clients is to enhance their brand, drive traffic, and increase revenues. Our mission is to turn dreams and ideas into reality by offering a one stop solution for successful blockchain-based projects. This includes marketing, advertising, PR, smart contracts, legal & compliance, digital design and all things in-between. We drive business performance using best in class technology and acting as an exclusive partner for leading providers in the Blockchain space.

Colibris Team

Members of the team work together to develop ICO campaigns designed to stand apart from competitors.

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