It happens that currency and equity trading markets go into correction phase. Some non-professional traders and investors feel uncomfortable with extremely high risks during market corrections, especially in crypto where price declines as well as profits are huge.

A2B team decided to lower overall FUD in the crypto space and have offered and extra early investment round for those who want to secure the higher value of their BTC and ETH assets. A2B team is offering the same amount of future A2B tokens at the same rate as per platform development costs estimates and project 2 year budget calculated bearing in mind overall success of crypto economy in the next five to ten years.

A2B business lead Sercan Saylik made an announcement earlier today:

While the market is facing some fluctuations and other projects are making corrections to their pricing models we decided to to show how strong we believe in crypto, so we are opening this early investment round for those feeling uncomfortable with high risk. We are offering A2B tokens at the same rate as we have calculated based on our expectations and budgeting, and giving you, the investors an extra 5% bonus to feel comfortable and sleep well. 🔥
In all the cases it’s far better to stay in the market than cash out with loss. A2B are taking care of crypto ecosystem and panicking non-professional investors offering them a safe early investment in the falling market at the same high ETH valuation. More information in Sercan Saylik video: