The industry of taxis is quite relevant for at least several decades. Its daily demand became the aspect which is unbeatable regarding financial crises, difficult political situations and many more. People have to commute every day — and not everyone is willing to drive on their own or take any public transport. It is the key to success considering the taxi industry.

However, there was (and still is) a decline of the sector of traditional taxis. The era of technological development brought the advance in mobile technologies. Why is it important? The creators of applications for smartphones found a non-discovered niche. Yes, you are right, as we are talking about the platforms of private drivers. The pioneer of this industry was Uber, created in 2009. Many more platforms appeared in the market, including probably the most famous players as Gett, Lyft or Taxify.

The whole idea looks perfectly fine: you can order and pay for a cab only with a few clicks on your phone. Also, the idea to hire ordinary people with their cars as drivers seemed attractive and convenient. Just think about it — having a completely flexible activity, based on your daily skills and getting paid for that! That sounds awesome. In some regions (for instance, Eastern Europe), the trip with a platform of private drivers cost less than the similar trip with traditional taxis in most cases.

The advent and growing popularity of these platforms might mark the end of mainstream taxis. However, not everything was as good as it was portrayed in the former industry. Some severe breaches related to safety and legal bases, ultimate bans or strict limitations of licenses in several countries (as, for instance, the infamous case of Uber in London in Autumn 2017) appeared. Apparently, these issues were not the advantages to the reputation of platforms. Despite the fact that they remain popular as a cheaper and more convenient option, this period is also a time to shine again for traditional taxis.

What are the advantages of the industry of mainstream taxis in comparison with platforms of private drivers? The first ones have appropriate legal bases (which are gained relatively difficulty and cost a lot, actually. It may explain the higher price in some sense). This aspect might not seem important from the first sight, but it ensures the safety, security, and comfort of customers. The cars are technically appropriate, and the drivers are real professionals — it is worth to mention that the rate of accidents amongst usual taxis is meager. Nevertheless, what are the areas for improvement? Many taxi companies are still hesitant regarding the shift in technology. Not every firm can be proud of their apps which are, of course, a helper in improving convenience for customers.

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